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What is the amount of the deposit and how should I pay it?

The deposit is paid with a credit/debit card, there is also a cash payment option. The amount depends on the class and model of the car you are renting.

Can I rent a car in another Bulgarian city except Sofia?

You can rent a car in any location in Bulgaria, paying additional transfer.

Can I travel outside Bulgaria with a car rented from you?

Yes, you can. In this case you have to pay a lump-sum charge of 80 EUR for the preparation of documents and double amount of deposit payable with a credit card.

Do your cars have GPS systems?

We have GPS systems against additional payment.

Where could I get an infant carrier?

We can provide you with an infant carrier free of charge.

Can I rent a car for 1 day with a driver?

Yes, you can.

What insurance is included in the price?

All compulsory and additional available on the territory of Bulgaria.

Can we travel abroad with your cars?

Yes, on the basis of an inquiry on your part. You have to notify us at least 48 hours in advance and pay a lump-sum charge of 20 EUR for travel abroad. 24/7 car assistance abroad is also paid – 33 EUR up to 15 days, 53 EUR up to 30 days and power of attorney for travel abroad – 10 EUR – a lump sum for the whole period.  There is a run limit of 450 km/day for contracts outside the territory of Bulgaria with a duration of up to 7 days. If the limit is exceeded, 9 eurocents per kilometre of run above the limit are paid.

Note: Additional documents for passing through the respective border and customs checkpoints are required for certain countries.

What shall I do in case of an accident /road traffic accident/? Do I have to pay anything for that?

Call immediately the Traffic Police on 165 or 112 to request the respective documents for the accident /a protocol from the Road Traffic Police. Immediately notify RALI RENT for the damage, giving an accurate description of the event, your condition and the condition of the car, so that the further steps can be assessed / medical aid, auto-assistance, transportation of the car and the passengers in it, the nearest service station, etc./ You have the right to a replacement car within up to 24 hours for the territory of Bulgaria and within up to 6 hours for the territory of Sofia when the accident was not driver’s fault according to the protocol issued by the Traffic Police. You do not have the right to a replacement car if the accident is through driver’s fault. In case of abuse of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicating substances, including medicines for which driving is prohibited, the repair of the car is entirely for the account of the RENTER – none of the insurances is valid, the whole deposit /excess is retained and a fine for missed profits and incurred damages is imposed.

Is there a limit on the run?

Yes, there is. The cars we are renting out have a run limit up to 600 km, unless another express condition is specified for certain card. The run in excess of the limit is payable at 0,20 EUR/km.

Why is a deposit taken once the cars are insured?

The deposit is compulsory because you get a car with full tank and you could refuse to refuel. You could also extend the contract by 1-2 days by phone and in such case we need to have available an amount from which to deduct that rent. The deposit is used for incurred damages which are not the subject of an insured event (for example, burning the seat with a cigarette, damages to the interior of the car, to the tires, rims, trims, windscreen or the lower part of the car as a result of incompetent driving, the holes in the road, etc.

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